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My Endo Story so far..... by Chloe

I am 25 and since I was 18 (2015) I struggled with Endometriosis, although I wasn't diagnosed until early 2020 by a laparoscopy

. For years I was experiencing excruciating periods that would put me in hospital because I couldn't manage the pain. The surgery I had in 2020 helped for maybe 2 months before the pain came back and it affects me daily now. Extreme cramping, bloating to the point my stomach feels like it's stretching and going to pop, nauseated every single day sleepless nights from the pain but when I do sleep I sleep for 12 hours most of the time because of how exhausted my body is. I also spend alot of the day either crouched over the toilet or a bucket because of how nauseated it makes me, with extreme hot flashes that make me wake up drenched in sweat. I've been on many many different medications with most only just barely easing the pain for me . The last few years have been really bad , Last month alone I was in hospital 3 times and this month already once just because of the pain. I can no longer work, I rarely go out with friends or family because the pain and even going for a walk around the block sets off my pain. Now from the Endometriosis I'm dealing with my bowel against my ovary which is also making things more painful and difficult for me. I've had countless doctors say they aren't sure how to help apart from managing the pain, some have even said "unless you go private instead of public we cant do much" . I've had countless referrals to pain clinics and gynecologists rejected because I'm "not severe enough" as the waiting lists are long. It's a serious condition that needs to be researched/funded more as 1 in 10 woman suffer from this, and it's a long waiting game. If you think you have Endometriosis please mention it to your doctors and if you already have it please keep fighting for answers/help. With the amount of times I've had scans come back "fine" and "normal" when I definitely don't feel normal is crazy. Which always worries me more as I've had doctors tell me it's in my head when it's not, just because some scans come back "normal". Endometriosis doesn't always show in scans. Keep Fighting 🩷

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