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We are authentic, building confidence, assertiveness and resilience through evidence-based knowledge and practices. We employ a strength-based wellbeing model - empowering decision-making through information, not disempowering thorough advice.  We are courageous, providing inspirational and innovative leadership and facilitate a voice for the endometriosis community
We are empathetic, responsive to needs and respectful of emotions and autonomy of decision making. We walk alongside women/wāhine on their journey and work by invitation. We are inclusive and connected, strengthening a sense of community through positive and respectful shared experiences and collaborations. 


We ensure culturally appropriate content and delivery to meet the needs of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Moraka Menstrual Cups

is a student run business under the Young Entrepreneur Scheme. ‘Moraka’ means freedom of the body and expression. This aligns with the core values of the business. When you use a menstrual cup you should feel free and unconstrained by society’s stigma of periods.

Providing meals for families with newborn babies and families with
young children who are struggling with illness.