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Wild Flowers

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Endo Warriors Aotearoa is very thankful to the business below who support EWA with donations from sales and/or items for our surgery boxes. 


Handcrafted Body wash bars, Body butters, Scrubs we have an extensive range for your skin goodness. Our botanical-inspired natural soap bars are a combination of ancient traditions with a modern twist. Using all-natural ingredients, our soap bars are practical, sustainable yet luxurious. Each bar is artfully created to soothe, protect, treat and nourish your skin with each ingredient carefully considered.  Use the experience of your every day to create a beautiful moment. We have an extensive range of body butters, body washes & scrubs to cleanse, exfoliate & moisturise your skin.

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Hi! My name is Hilly, I am the creator and owner of Designs by Hilly. This small business started out in my garage in 2020 and has only expanded since. I strive to make high-quality products that are cute and stylish. Nature is imperfect so each handpicked flower is unique and reflects nature's imperfections.

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Daily Good immunity shots are formulated with natural and organic ingredients to boost your immunity with 3 flavourful tonics. A natural immunity booster packed with superhero ingredients supported by zinc and NZ Manuka honey.

Provides a fully rounded health boost with turmeric to decrease inflammation, ginger to aid digestion and the antioxidant benefits of blackcurrant.

Each bottle includes 7 daily shots that can be taken neat, or enjoyed diluted in hot or cold water.

Proudly made in New Zealand from local ingredients, plus USDA-certified organic turmeric and ginger sourced from Daily Good’s partner farm in Fiji, where the origins of the ingredients can be traced back to the very field that they were planted in.

Gluten-free, dairy-free, organic and no added fillers or nasties.

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NO UGLY_Horizontal_BLACK copy.png

Focus, Immunity, Detox, Gut, Hydrate, Libido, Skin, Sleep. Purchase the range online. Kickstart a gorgeous feeling with No Ugly 8 Week Regimes. Explore our range online. Packed With Vitamins. No Ugly Ingredients. Scientifically Formulated

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You don't need to be keto to benefit from eating our delicious keto food!  Every Keto Happy Co. premix offers a vegan, low-carb, gluten-free blend of plant protein with an excellent source of fibre.  It's ideal for anyone with gluten, dairy, carbohydrate or sugar intolerances looking for a simple nutritious addition to their pantry staples.

Use code ENDOWARRIOR for 10% off and 10% of sales are donated to Endo Warriors Aotearoa


Scented soy candles, tea lights, wax melts, bath, body, skincare & aromatherapy products. Nourish your skin with our natural & gentle skincare products made in NZ.

Use code EWA for 5% off and 5% from the sales Endo Warriors Aotearoa. 


Our BeYou Period patches release the menthol and eucalyptus oils over 12 hours. This means no more refilling hot water bottles ever 2 hours (not to mention it is advisable to take a break from heat sources every 30mins), and certainly no mess from oils or balms getting stuck to your clothing!  Apply in the morning before school, work, or whatever your plans are. Then pop one on before you sleep!  ​  


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Warm up this Winter with Heat Bags and Belts

All of our products have been developed with ergonomics in mind and contain New Zealand-grown lupin seeds.

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Luscious natural skincare that ensures you have confidence all day long. Vegan, Cruelty Free, All Natural, Plastic-Free Packaging. Discover Natural Skincare. Shop Now. Shop Our Best-Sellers.



Use code EWA15 for discount

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