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Some Our Amazing Achievements, Mahi and Impact in 2022:

1. Empowered Communities: Distributed 25,060 free single-use period items to individuals in need within our community, ensuring access to essential hygiene products.

2. Sustainable Solutions: Gifted 3,939 reusable period items to those in need, promoting eco-friendly alternatives and reducing waste.

3. Supporting Health: Sent out 294 free surgery boxes to individuals undergoing endometriosis procedures, providing essential supplies for their recovery.

4. Education Empowerment: Developed and delivered a groundbreaking Free Period Education Workshop, equipping young people with knowledge about menstruation and reproductive health. Multiple school bookings have already been secured for 2023.

5. Workplace Inclusivity: Pioneered the creation of a Free Endo in the Workplace workshop, fostering understanding and support for individuals with endometriosis. Bookings for 2023 have already begun.

6. Trailblazing Campaign: Launched the impactful campaign "Not all people who menstruate are women, and not all women menstruate," challenging societal norms and promoting inclusivity. Garnered support from prominent period companies like Moraka Menstrual Cups, AWWA, modibodi, Mint, danu natural, MyCup, and more, encouraging the use of inclusive language and imagery.

7. Convenient Access: Established free period product pickup stations, including reusable items, in strategic locations such as Wellington, Porirua, and additional sites in Lower Hutt. Ensured easy access for individuals in need.

8. Milestone Celebration: Celebrated the first anniversary of our nationwide distribution of free period packs, touching the lives of countless individuals across Aotearoa.

9. Recognized Excellence: Honored as a finalist in the prestigious Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards 2022, under the Wellington City category, acknowledging our impactful work within the community.

10. Advocacy for Endometriosis: Championed the cause of all individuals living with endometriosis, advocating for their rights and raising awareness about the condition's challenges.

11. Building Support Networks: Facilitated a buddy system connecting individuals searching for community support with fellow endometriosis fighters in 2021/2022.

12. Inclusive Outreach: Actively participated in LGBTQIA2S+ events and other community gatherings, spreading awareness and education about endometriosis and menstruation among diverse audiences.

13. Affordable Access: Continued efforts to provide subsidized period items to individuals who face financial constraints, ensuring that no one is denied access due to affordability.

Here are some of our achievements and highlights from 2021

  • We established the first Endo community in New Zealand that supports all genders affected by Endometriosis.

  • We provided safe spaces for people with endometriosis to talk and meet.

  • We attended and supported people in Wellington attending hospital appointments before COVID-19.

  • We advocated and continue to advocate for all people with endometriosis.

  • We helped provide a buddy system for those looking for people in their community who have endometriosis in 2021/2022

  • We supported parents, guardians, and caregivers who have youth with endometriosis with information and support.

  • We gained more media coverage around period poverty and Endometriosis

  • We helped many youths who are transitioning to male and experiencing period dysphoria with period underwear items..

  • We set up free-period pack pick-up in Masterton which has been running for over a year and established some in Lower Hutt.

  • We worked and continue to work with Days for Girls to provide free reusable pads to people in need.

  • We worked and continue to work to provide subsidized period cups to those who can't afford them.

  • We provided help to youth with Endo by sending support boxes and information.

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