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Yessenia Sandoval (Jess)

Founder/Advocacy Director/CEO

La unión hace la fuerza." - Unity makes strength.

Endo Warriors Aotearoa, a registered charity in Aotearoa, has its roots deeply intertwined with the personal journey of its founder, Yessenia. Yessenia, whose lineage traces back to the indigenous community of Chile, Yessenia was born in Wellington, Aotearoa. Her upbringing was deeply influenced by her father, Jorge, who arrived in Aotearoa as a political refugee from Chile. From him, Yessenia learned about her Latina culture and the importance of advocacy and aiding others, strength and determination, all this laying the foundation for her future endeavours.

The inception of this community initiative dates back to the early hours of a Sunday morning in February 2020 when Yessenia found herself in excruciating pain, making frequent visits to the hospital. Feeling unheard and isolated after two decades of battling endometriosis, she resolved to create a supportive community where individuals like her could find solace and assistance, eradicating the sense of loneliness and neglect.

Yessenia's journey with endometriosis, PCOS, infertility, adhesions, and other health challenges spanning nearly twenty years has been tumultuous. Enduring multiple surgeries, facing pregnancy losses, enduring hospital stays, and grappling with mental health challenges due to dismissive treatment, she intimately understands the struggles faced by those battling similar conditions. As a single mother, she has weathered prolonged periods, excessive bleeding, and the financial strain of managing her conditions alongside life's demands.

Endo Warriors Aotearoa operates as a charitable organisation with a mission to raise awareness and provide education on endometriosis and menstruation. Their objectives include enhancing support and medical care for individuals affected by endometriosis, combating period poverty, and offering free products to those in need. Additionally, the organisation conducts educational initiatives in schools and workplaces to foster understanding and support for those grappling with these issues.

Central to their efforts is the advocacy for improved medical understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of endometriosis. They actively engage in research projects, such as investigating the potential benefits of medical cannabis and CBD for individuals with endometriosis and pelvic pain, aiming to challenge existing stigmas and enhance treatment options.

Through donations of both physical items and financial contributions, Endo Warriors Aotearoa provides surgical care boxes and supports individuals and families in need within their community. They serve as a vocal advocate for the endometriosis community, pushing for enhanced medical care and support systems.

In the face of an illness often invisible to others, Endo Warriors Aotearoa stands as a visible beacon of support and empowerment, embodying resilience and solidarity within their community.


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