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Do you like the work we do at Endo Warriors Aotearoa. 

Do you get a volenter day at work that you want to use to help us?

Do you want to be part of the team and help us grow and support our community, then please get in touch with any questions about how you can volunteer your time.

Or do you have some skills you can volunteer some time towards, help us with our web page, TikTok, can you help us design some images, write a blog.


Then email us via the link below or see our available EWA volunteer roles below

Volunteer role(s)available with EWA

Volunteer roles are available with Endo Warriors Aotearoa, as EWA grows so does its need for help. This is a great opportunity to help those in the community and be part of making a positive change in New Zealand.


Volunteer roles available are as follows

Community Service meet-up Coordinator- 2 people required- Location: Wellington & surrounding areas- Hours 10 hours a month (if you are in another part of Aotearoa and would like to organise meet-ups for EWA please email us) 

Do you love to plan events? We are looking for 2 amazing people to be our Community Service meet-up Coordinator to organise monthly meet up in Wellington and surrounding areas & 1-2 bigger events later this year/next year.

The role includes (but is not limited to)

Working as a team

Monthly team meeting

The organisation of meet up, guest speakers, and venue locations.

Sticking to a budget (when allocated one)


Data entry: One-off role of Collating data: 5-10 hours in one month.  I am wanting someone to collate satay from all-period pack requests over the last year. Location: Anywhere in Aotearoa Experience with excel ad advantage, but full training given

Fundraising Coordinator: 2 people - 3-6 hours a month- Location Anywhere in Aotearoa

This role will include but is not limited to calling /emailing various organisations to seek sponsorship for period baskets, requesting items for Endosurgery packs, and organisation of fundraising events for EWA. Location: Anywhere in Aotearoa

 This role will include but is not be limited to calling /emailing various organisations to seek sponsorship for period baskets, requesting items for Endosurgery packs, organisation of fundraising events in the community, organising volunteers for these events, and contacting local businesses to entice them to do in-house period items drive/donation drive. Once a month meeting with Jess & monthly team meetings. You will need to be able to commit to doing the hours needed each week/month & ideally commit to this role for 6 months.


Volunteer Coordinator- 1 person- Location Preferably Wellington but open to Anywhere in Aotearoa - Hours ad hoc (no more than 5 hours a month) Required to Recruit Volunteers. Respond to all individual volunteer inquiries, and work alongside the EWA team when they need volunteers and organise these for them.

EWA Street interviews- 4-6 people, Location Aotearoa- Hours 5 hours a month. We are looking for, 4-6 very outgoing people to go out to the public and ask questions about lots of different topics. You will work with a partner and you will need to have your own phone to record your interview.  A microphone and selfie stick/phone stand will be provided.  Knowledge of how to edit your interviews and Instagram/TikTok a  preference

Please send your expressions of interest to info@endowarriorsaotearoa.com with the role(s) you want to put your name forward for in the subject line and why you feel you would be a good fit for this role.  Applications will close on 04 September  2022. There will be a very informal interview/meet up with Jess. 

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