Who We Are

Endo Warriors Aotearoa is an organisation aimed at promoting education about endometriosis, Adenomyosis and periods, breaking the stigma around periods, providing free period products to anyone in need, and spreading awareness about endometriosis and Adenomyosis.  We provide support to all with endo/ando regardless of age, sex, stage or where you at in your journey.  We advocate for all and help spread awareness for Endo/Adno Warriors. We are also working very hard in advocacy for period poverty, we believe no one should have to budget to bleed.

Some of our achievements/highlights 

  • In Feb 2022 reaching one year of free period packs

  • More media coverage around period poverty, endometriosis, pcos and Adenomyosis

  • Putting together a period campaign called "Not all people who menstruate are women, and not all women menstruate," to acknowledge all genders who menstruate and getting Period Companies such as Moraka Menstrual Cups, AWWA, modibodi, Mint, danu natural, MyCup and more to agree to use inclusive language and images when talking about menstruation.

  • Attending many LGBQT Covid Vaccine Drives to gift free period items to those in need, talk about transitioning and menstruation about all the items out there and helping them to get what works for them and their body.

  • Setting up free period baskets in local Lower Hutt Community spaces so anyone can get items they need and the community can donate into these baskets as well and will be doing this in Porirua soon

  • Setting up free period pack pick up in Masterton that has been running for almost one year now

  • Establishing the first Endo community in NZ that supports all genders that have endo/adno and pcos. Getting another bigger Endo Charity to change the language they use to be more inclusive of all.

  • Working with Days for girls to provide free reusable pads to people in need.

  • Working alongside Moraka Menstrual Cups to provide subsidised period cups to those that can’t afford them.

How WE Can Help

We are all about bringing awareness and support to these illnesses and period poverty, some ways we do this are:

  • Wellington Meet Ups (working on more around NZ)

  • Private online chat area with guest speakers

  • Helping you find other warriors in your area to connect with.

  • Provide Free Period Items (single and reusable) to anyone who needs them, this includes organisations and individuals

  • Provides Free period education talks to schools, groups and organisations.

  • Use of inclusive language when talking about, periods, Endo, Adno  & PCO,

  • EWA encourages other organisations to end the stigma of gendered language around periods, Endo, Adno  & PCO,

  • Spreads awareness and advocates for endo,adno and period poverty

  • Online social media posts to bring awareness to all

  • Gift boxes to Endo & PCOS warriors who are having surgery (please fill out a request form for this)*

  • Endo Warrior Youth Gift Surgery Boxes*

  • Clothing range to embrace your warrior and bring awareness to this cause

*Gift bags are limited on items we have been gifted we ask that you help pay for the postage if you can. we have we do our very best to make sure no one misses out and these are only available in New Zealand 

How YOU can help

Your support is important to our work at Endo Warriors Aotearoa, your support is what helps us to keep going. There are many ways you can contribute towards our causes, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfil our mission., you can donate a few different ways. 

1) You can buy period items online and in-store via the daily dojo, if buying online put donate in the comments box and they will put them into our donation basket https://deliverydojo.co.nz/


2) You can donate via the link below to your PayPal account where you can donate as little as the price of one coffee or set up a monthly donation via the donate link below. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/ewaotearoa


3) You can donate into the back account Endo Warriors Aotearoa account number is 06-0582-0971121-00 

4) For as little as $5.99 a month you can donate tampoons via Gogo tampons, you can set up a monthly subscription to have tampoons donated to EWA to gift to one (or more) in need.

How does it work? Select the subscription type (i.e the size of tampons) - Select Charity - Endo Warriors Aotearoa - Checkout
Customers will be asked to enter their billing information and All done.

donate tampons here


Thank you so much for your support 

kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui

Be strong - be brave - be steadfast