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Endo Warriors Aotearoa's account number is 01-0527-0746212-00 / if you need a receipt please email us / Registered Charity CC60609


(Endometriosis Warriors Aotearoa) 

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Kei roto i te pōuri, te marama e whiti ana
Through perseverance & hope, we will overcome

Endo Warriors Aotearoa was the first Endometriosis Charity in Aotearoa to be inclusive of all genders. Endometriosis does not discriminate, and neither do we!

Welcome to Endo Warriors Aotearoa!

We are a registered charity dedicated to supporting and empowering individuals with endometriosis and fighting period poverty.  Our vision is an Aotearoa where Endometriosis is widely understood, and those living with Endometriosis receive timely diagnosis, effective treatment, and compassionate care. We also envision an Aotearoa where menstrual equity is a reality, and everyone has access to the menstrual products and resources needed to manage their menstrual health with dignity. 
We believe that by addressing the root causes of period poverty and Endometriosis, we can create a more equitable and just society for everyone. Through our advocacy work, community partnerships, and support services, we aim to promote a greater understanding of Endometriosis and its impact on individuals and society and to raise awareness of the need for menstrual equity. Join us in promoting more significant research and knowledge of Endometriosis in New Zealand, and together, we can create a world where those affected have the resources and support they need to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

At Endo Warriors Aotearoa, our mission is driven by two profound commitments. To simplify your journey in seeking what you need, we've broken them down for your convenience below.
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Menstrual Empowerment


Some of our achievements and highlights

  • We established the first Endo community in New Zealand that supports all genders affected by Endometriosis.

  • We celebrated one year of sending free period packs all over Aotearoa in February 2022.

  • We were a finalist for the Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards 2022 and 2023  in the Wellington City category.

  • We provided safe spaces for people with endometriosis to talk and meet.

  • We attended and supported people in Wellington attending hospital appointments before COVID-19.

  • We advocated and continue to advocate for all people with endometriosis.

  • We helped provide a buddy system for those looking for people in their community who have endometriosis in 2021/2022

  • We supported parents, guardians, and caregivers who have youth with endometriosis with information and support.

  • We gained more media coverage around period poverty and Endometriosis

  • We launched a period campaign called "Not all people who menstruate are women, and not all women menstruate" to acknowledge all genders who menstruate and got period companies such as Moraka Menstrual Cups, AWWA, modibodi, Mint, danu natural, MyCup, and more to use inclusive language and images when talking about menstruation.

  • We helped many youths who are transitioning to male and experiencing period dysphoria with period underwear items.

  • We attended many LGBTQIA2S+ COVID-19 vaccine drives to gift free period items to those in need, talk about transitioning and menstruation, and help them get what works for them and their body.

  • We set up free period baskets in local community spaces where anyone can get items they need, and the community can donate to these baskets as well. 

  • We set up free-period pack pick-up in Masterton which has been running for over a year

  • We worked and continue to work with Days for Girls to provide free reusable pads to people in need.

  • We worked and continue to work to provide subsidized period cups to those who can't afford them.

  • We provided help to youth with Endo by sending support boxes and information.

  • We Set up free reusable period items pick-up points around Wellington and Lower Hutt

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