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Register For Endo-Surgery pack 

Please only fill out this form if you are having surgery for ENDO - we have very limited boxes

All information collected is confidential and is used for stats, Please advise your date of surgery and hospital eg: Wellington Hospital and if you have any allergies.  Not all boxes are the same, it all depends on what has been donated and what we have available. ​I would appreciate it if you can help cover the postage cost for your pack, each pack is valued at over $50+ if not more, and not all items are donated from businesses, I purchase items as well.


I would appreciate a donation/koha to help cover the postage cost, Postage costs around $7-$8 for standard post and $9-$15 for Rural post so we ask you to help pay that, as unfortunately the more we spend on postage the fewer packs I can send out, I don't get any funding etc to do this, I have to fundraise money myself etc by paying for postage allowed me to buy items for more boxes and be able to send more out.  - Info Below 

T&C's: Surgery Boxes Only available in Aotearoa /New Zealand & are for those having surgery for Endo/adno/pcos only and all information on form has to be filled in, We limit boxes and can not grantee that all the boxes are the same and that you will get it by your surgery date. We have the right to advise a box wont be sent at all and We limit boxes to one per person per year, but understand that some do have more Endo/adno/pcos a year, but we have the right to advise we will not send a seconded box, this is done on a case by case base. We also understand people with Endo/adno/pcos may have other surgery's ,however we are not able to send boxes that are not specifically for Endo/adno/pcos.  Boxes are packed each Wednesday/Thursday and sent Thursday/Friday.

Do u hae any allergies ?
Wher did you hear about EWA Surgery Boxes?
At times we are given/buy items for boxes but they may not be for evryone, please only tick if you would use these items, you may not get any/all of them (as depens on numbers)
Some of our items we are given say things like "for women" if you don't want these and want a gender neutral box please tick below
Do you need period care? please pick no more than 2

Please note if you have ordered your box for the following month(s) then the items we have listed for the surgery box may not be available as they change month to month

Postage - please pay to bank account listed above

You can pay for postage  via PAYPAll Link below or deposit into ANZ Endo Warriors Aotearoa's account number is 01-0527-0746212-00 Reference: Your Name and Surgery Pack  It is around $8-$12 normal post and $9-$15 Rural post

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