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Please use period cup shipping at check out for your flat rate of $6

We want to make getting reusable period items more cost-effective, why?

I personally know how hard it can be to afford things like this when you are on a low income or a benefit, We have had people come to us saying they can't afford the full price for a cup but would still like to be able to buy one, so I want to try and make it easier for people to access menstrual cups, so Endo Warriors Aotearoa have been able to get period cups at a discounted price, and we are offering these to you $10 no questions asked if your unsure what cup works for you then we recommend you buy one of each size.

Menstrual Cups Cup is $10 + postage


Size small

Size: 4.2cm by 7cm

Holds 22ml -28ml

Perfect for first-time users, who have not given birth, and users who use smaller-sized tampons or pads.

Size Large

Size: 4.6cm by 8cm

Holds 29-30ml

Perfect for those who have a heavier flow, have given birth, prefer a larger size or use bigger pads and tampons.

$10 Menstrual Cup

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