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Mint Absorbent Lace Underwear - Super Heavy are leakproof and reliable for period, postpartum and incontinence care. Composed of 5 x leakproof and breathable layers, Mint Lace Undies can hold up to 60ml. These are hip huggers, designed to sit just under the belly button and lightly squeeze the hips and around the legs, to provide you assurance and comfort. 

With an extra leakproof layer compared to our classic period undies, these are suitable for urinary incontinence, postpartum incontinence and overnight and heavy-flow periods.

Made of bamboo fabric, the absorbent underwear is not only one of the most sustainable fabrics, it's more absorbent than usual cotton, it is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and more durable. 


Care Instructions:

We recommend soaking your leakproof postpartum/incontinence undies in cold water before washing them.  If after a few months, you want to freshen them up, soak them in white vinegar for 10 minutes before the wash.  Do not use a dryer, as high temperatures can damage the leakproof layer. Line dry only. 

We recommend 6x pairs of period undies to get you through your menstrual cycle ditching disposables 100%!

If suits you, the ideal "changing routine" would be changing in the morning - put the used undies in a bucket with cold water; and change again in the evening, adding the second used undies to the bucket with cold water. Then wash them both by themselves or with other clothes. Depending on how many undies you have, wait for the third and fourth used undies, to wash the 4 x together. 

Transitioning to period underwear could save 250+ disposable period products from going to our landfill.

MINT-Lace High Waist Undies | Period| Postpartum | Incontinence Heavy Flow/

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$26.00Sale Price
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