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Endo Warriors Aotearoa Is Thankful For Our Sponsors

If you would like to help Endo Warriors Aotearoa with items for the gift bags, period packs or a donation, please contact me via email.

Fig + Flora Apothecary

offers you a chance to donate when you make a shop with them, they also donated some items for our hospital bags.

 Fig + Flora Apothecary was founded in 2021 by certified herbalist Debra. After having her own profound healing experiences using herbal medicines she started with the intention of helping others to incorporate the healing powers of herbs into their own self-care and wellness practices. All of our products are formulated with organic and wildcrafted ingredients in our apothecary overlooking the garden where many of our ingredients grow.

Use code EWA10 for discount

The Brothers Green,

donating bars for the hospital packs we send out. "Our online hemp food store has a range of premium quality New Zealand products: plant-based hemp protein powder, nutritional hemp seed oil, hemp seeds, hemp flour, and lastly our much-loved Hempy Bar.

If you're looking to start an anti-inflammatory diet and are searching for the best gut health foods, or a natural way to boost your fatty acids and Omega-3 intake you have come to the right place. Our New Zealand hemp will help to improve your health whilst sustaining a healthier planet."

Homemade Creations By Ashlee
donates 10% of sales each month to EWA, she sells a variety of pamper products, from body sents, body scrubs, face masks, candles and so much more, and each month donates 10% from all orders to us here at EWA.

Thirty-one days
has been providing affirmation cards for the hospital packs we send out.

"Empowerment and inspiration and products to help support your mental and emotional health"

Tom & Luke™
has been providing EWA with some snack balls and bars to add to out hospital packs we send out,

"Our mission at Tom & Luke™ is to make eating healthy easy. That is why we create amazing tasting snacks using minimal, real ingredients. We are the leading snack ball brand within Australasia and proudly make all our products here in New Zealand, exporting them to multiple countries around the world. Our world-famous Snackaballs™ are crafted from carefully chosen ingredients, delivering nutritionally beneficial, great-tasting snacks in a format that’s built for convenience."

We thank Weleda for their ongoing support for EWA.

At Weleda we have been growing and creating 100% natural, organic herbal medicine and skin care products for over 90 years, often to the same original, authentic recipes that have stood the test of time. We are a sustainable company and have received many awards for our dedication. We promote biodynamic agriculture, healthy soils and equitable relationships with our cultivation partners worldwide. Just as biodiversity is of vital importance to us, so is having a comprehensive climate protection strategy. In both these areas, we take a proactive approach to our responsibility. We act in a way that is socially responsible, ecologically sound and economically successful.

We thank  Abeeco Of New Zealand for their amazing donation.

Abeeco was established in 1995 with a single product - New Zealand Bee Pollen. Abeeco has grown from a local company into an export-led, global business, still, 100% New Zealand owned and operated, now with over 40 specialised products. Abeeco supplies natural health and skincare products to pharmacies and health stores nationwide and to duty-free outlets including DFS Galleria. We also export to countries such as Australia, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, UAE and the United Kingdom. We have an incredibly loyal customer base, with high numbers of repeat orders and positive feedback testament to the effectiveness of these products.