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Period Education Workshop

Welcome to our period education workshop!

Our workshop is designed to educate and empower youth about menstruation. It is important to teach young people about menstruation because it is a natural and normal process that affects many people, and yet it is often stigmatized and not talked about openly. Our workshop is a fun and interactive one-hour and 15-minute session that allows time for questions. If you are unable to fit this time into your schedule, please let us know, and we can tailor the workshop to your needs. We recommend the workshop for groups of 30-45 students, as a smaller group allows for a more comfortable and open discussion, but it can also be done with larger classes. There is no limit to the number of workshops you can book for your school, so you can book now for the rest of the year.

During our workshop, we cover a range of topics, including all types of period products and their pros and cons, how to use and dispose of tampons and pads, and how to care for reusable period underwear. We also discuss vaginal health, discharge, and the importance of not using cleaning products like soap in the vagina. Participants will learn what they actually discharge during their period, how to identify what is normal and expected, and the different colours of period blood. We will also explain how the whole menstrual cycle works, common pains and conditions that affect people who menstruate, and things that can happen to your body during your period (PMS). We encourage participants to have a normal conversation about having their period, especially with partners, teachers, family, and friends who do not experience them. We will also provide natural ways to help manage periods at school and home.

In addition to the free period education, we look into offering single-use period items, reusable pads and period cups for students and teachers, and we supply handouts and fact sheets for students and caregivers.  We also offer a discount on period underwear and provide information for participants to take home.

We can also provide a separate workshop for teachers on how to support students who get periods and those that have endometriosis. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and inclusive period education to everyone, so book our workshop today and help break the taboo around menstruation!

If you would like to contact us to book a workshop or if you have any questions or concerns you can email us or call Jess on 0272541721


We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Image by CDC
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