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Menstrual Cup

Period poverty is such a massive issue in Aotearoa and we hope that by focusing on the community around us we can start to make a bigger difference by helping more people and organisations within our local community, which encompasses the cities and suburbs of Wellington (Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western) as well as the Wairarapa area. and by providing more reusable items. In the future, we have plans to resume sending free period packs to all of Aotearoa and we will continue to work hard to ensure we have enough funding to reach this goal.

If you request a period cup & and a period pack we will only send one for that person.

Which gender identity do you identify with
Please select which applies to you: (You can select more than one item. )
Please select which applies to you:

Please use the following information to pick what size cup would be best for you:


Size small : Size: 4.2cm by 7cm Holds 22ml

  • Perfect for first time users

  • Users aged 11-17 

  • Those who use smaller/light tampons or pads.

Size Large : Size: 4.6cm by 8cm Holds 29-30ml

  • Perfect for those who have heavier flow

  • Given birth,

  • Prefer to use larger size/heavy or use bigger pads and tampons.

What size cup do you need

Please only request a period cup for anyone under 18  in your household that needs one, please fill in each person full name and age, If this info is not given then what you have requested for them will not be sent. If you need to request a period pack for people In your house you will need to fill out the period pack request form after you submit this one.

Youth 1:What size cup do you need
Youth :2 What size cup do you need
Youth 3 :What size cup do you need

To help us save on postage we will send everything together so please let us know if you have requested a period pack for someone in your house.

Have you requested a period pack for anyone else in yur houose?"

Thanks for submitting!

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