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Everyday bikini essentials that can be used for medium flow discharge, light swims and light bladder leakages.

Style: Low rise with optimal rear coverage. High front and full back leakproof absorbency coverage.

Absorbency:  Perfect for medium flow. Absorbs 25 mls or 3 super tampons or 4-5 regular tampons worth of flow.

Suitable for: Medium period discharge, light bladder leakage and light swimming.

Facts: We do not use animal derived fabrics like Merino wool or crude oil derived synthetics like Microfiber, Nylon, Polyester or Polar fleece in our absorbency cores as these fabrics are associated to cause poor odour and rashes. 

Vitals Sleek-Medium flow Period Undies Period/Incontinence/Postpartum

$25.95 Regular Price
$20.95Sale Price
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