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Endo Warrior necklace in “gold” “silver” or “rose” please select “tens machine” in postage (this will give you a flat rate of $6.50)

As someone who also battles endometriosis, I refuse to allow my illness to define me as a person. If I were to succumb to anger every day, my illness would consume my identity. Recognizing my endometriosis means recognizing the obstacles I've overcome - the losses I've faced, the hard work I've put in, the times I've picked myself up and started over, the tears I've shed, and the victories I've achieved. I am an Endo Warrior, proud to have fought for myself and for others. When I wear this necklace, I am acknowledging my journey and that of others who face similar challenges.- Jess (founder of EWA)

Endo Warrior Necklace

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