$10 Subsidized Moraka Menstrual Cup

We are wanting to make getting reusable period items more cost-effective, why?


I personally know how hard it can be to afford things like this when you are on a low income or a benefit, so I want to try and make it easier for people to access menstrual cups, so Endo Warriors Aotearoa and Moraka Menstrual Cup have teamed up to offer $10 Subsidised Menstrual Cup Menstrual Cups.

Please make payment into the following account and use your name as a reference then fill out the form below, once money has cleared we will post your cup to you and advise tracking.


Cup is $10 and postage is $3.50 we don’t want this to stop you from getting a cup so if you can not afford the postage you don't have to pay it. You can pay via the account below

ANZ Endo Warriors Aotearoa 


Reference: Period cup and your name

If you can't afford a cup please fill out this form for a free period cup.